Nominate your finance captain for the 2024 CFO Awards!


Nominations for the 2024 CFO Awards are now open. This is your chance to put forward the finance executives who have shown impeccable leadership over the last year, as they could walk away a winner at the annual Oscars of Finance!

Over the last year, South Africa has faced what can only be described as a massive wave of challenges and opportunities. The captains who built strong boats and resilient teams, while simultaneously embracing new technologies, will be able to surf the wave into 2024 and change its trajectory in the new year.

Do you know a CFO who has managed to run a tight ship despite being battered by the tides? Then nominate them for the 2024 CFO Awards, where they will be recognised for their excellent steering, navigation and survival skills. They could be the next best CFO to sail the South African finance landscape and be crowned 2024 CFO of the Year.

The annual CFO Awards recognise CFOs of listed companies, large corporations, state-owned entities and government institutions, and award them for outstanding performance and leadership. The 11th annual CFO Awards will be a celebration of the finance executives who have captained their organisation into the future, despite choppy waters – in some cases quite literally.

CFOs can win one, or multiple, of the following awards:

CFO of the Year

The CFO of the Year is a proven financial leader who has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance over several years. The CFO of the Year has set the bar for others to strive for, displaying unmatched skills, attitude, and results.

Public Sector CFO of the Year

The Public Sector CFO of the Year is a leader who has displayed outstanding financial management by recognising innovative programmes and contributions to government finance. The Public Sector CFO of the Year emphasises practical, well-documented work that demonstrates leadership and promotes ethical practices and improved public finance.

Young CFO of the Year

The Young CFO of the Year is a young leader who has shown remarkable professional development and has been of great value to the board. Aged up to and including 40, this CFO has moved up rapidly through the ranks.

Strategy Execution Award

The Strategy Execution Award recognises a CFO who has demonstrated great leadership in creating the right financial conditions to execute the strategy while keeping the business financially healthy and competitive.

Transformation & Empowerment Award

The Transformation & Empowerment Award recognises a CFO who has achieved impressive results in supporting job creation and economic growth while improving the company’s performance. The CFO has looked after compliance with the Codes of Good Practice and is a promoter of transformation as a strategic imperative.

High-Performance Team Award

The High-Performance Team Award recognises a leader who has built a high-performing financial team that's both efficient and customer-focused. With a clear vision, this CFO invested in talent development to align future needs with available skills.

Compliance & Governance Award

The Compliance & Governance Award recognises a CFO who champions open, honest, ethical, and principled practices to help the business achieve its goals. The winner of this award has contributed significantly to building and implementing systems to detect and prevent compliance breaches.

Finance Transformation Award

The Finance Transformation Award recognises a leader who has significantly improved the finance function to meet future challenges. The winning CFO has redefined finance to become a cost-effective, service-oriented partner to the business, showing courage in radically rethinking its operation.

Moving into Africa Award

The Moving into Africa Award recognises a leader who is the driving force behind the company's successful expansion into Africa. The CFO has managed risks and seized opportunities for growth in emerging African economies through strategic and financial planning based on sound analysis.

Finance & Technology Award

The Finance & Technology Award recognises a CFO who has invested in and unlocked technologies to transform the business and create new value. The winner is a technology-driven change steward, sharing their knowledge and know-how.

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