Nutritional Holdings appoints Nikhyle Dasarath as its new CEO


Nikhyle will be taking over from exiting Mohammed Tariq Azum, who is struggling with ill health.

Nutritional Holdings has appointed Nikhyle Dasarath as its new CEO after Mohammed Tariq Azum plans to step down after struggling with ill health due to Covid-19 that prevents him from executing his duties effectively.

Nikhyle has extensive experience in the cannabis industry as a master grower. According to the statement, he is the brains behind Ukusekela Holdings, which was acquired by Nutritional Holdings in October 2020. “He has been instrumental in driving the transformation of Nutritional Holdings into an international supplier of cannabis-related products,” the statement said.

The company also acknowledged the total turnaround and positive repositioning of Nutritional Holdings under the guidance and leadership of Mohammed, resulting in it reporting its first profit in seven years for the year ended 29 February 2020. “His contribution has been invaluable and his leadership skills and business ethos have been embedded and firmly rooted in the business,” it said.

The company has recently seen various changes in its executive committee after the resignation of Rammalane Monye as FD in July 2020 and Suzanne Meyer, who was appointed as his replacement in November 2020, resigned after only three months in the role. Nutritional Holdings recently appointed Pieter Watson as its new FD.

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