Oracle marketing director Cathy Stadler says retrospective data is obsolete


Cathy says it's difficult to figure out what clients need because backward-looking data doesn't answer that question anymore. 

With the recent changes spurred by Covid 19, Oracle marketing head Cathy Stadler says they have been reassessing how to go to market in this new environment. Speaking at the recent Marketers Community Conversation, she said some of the trends that they were seeing in the market were that some projects were being dramatically accelerated.

She referred to the work of Professor Nuria Mas, a Spanish economist, who recently pointed out in a presentation on The World After Lockdown that some business transformation that would have taken up to a decade to implement are being accelerated and happening in a matter of weeks.  

“The data that companies have now is retrospective, making it irrelevant to predicting the future and companies are looking for ways to understand what a post Covid-19 world will look like,” said Cathy. “Scenario planning can help visualise the future and assess how to respond to multiple scenarios. Financial planning and scenario modelling tools can help customers adapt to changing market conditions and our product marketing teams are working with customers to help develop short and medium term forecasts using these free to access tools.”

In addition to the pace of change, another big shift Cathy said she was starting to notice was with regard to communications, saying she believed internal communication had become as important as external communication. There has been a recognition within our global marketing organisations that marketeers are really in the front lines in terms of how the brand is perceived and we’ve done a lot of work in wellness to prevent burnout within the marketing and comms teams," said Cathy.

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