Pam Golding buys digital estate agency 


The real estate company's acquisition of a digital estate agency demonstrates the importance of keeping up with trends.

Real estate giant Pam Golding has acquired, an online digital estate agency based in Cape Town. According to Pam Golding CEO Andrew Golding, the the acquisition is part of the group’s strategy to adopt an online “hybrid” estate agency model.

This model enables buyers and sellers to conclude real estate transactions including valuations, viewings, offers and sales 24/7, using technology as a means to cut costs. This saving is ultimately passed onto the consumer, who pays less in fees.

Golding says this model has gained a lot of traction internationally, particularly in the lower end of the market. Locally, Golding expects it will give the company greater exposure to the R500,000 to R2 million price segment, to which they’ve had limited exposure thus far.

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