Rivasha Maharaj: Walk bold into a world that will never be the same


The former CFO shares her hopes of being a good human in 2023, following a time of uncertainty.

This year, Rivasha Maharaj hopes to continue on her personal journey of being a good human. “This is important to me because I believe if you focus on yourself and grow, your external world benefits. Family, love, and career are all better when one is happy and fulfilled internally,” she explains.

Rivasha, who has been serving as the CFO of Omnia Fertilizer until recently, is taking on the new year by focusing on her role as a mentor for the Ikamva Youth Programme, where she is helping to grow and develop the next generation of business leaders.

“As we usher in 2023, there are many events to reflect on, including the world surviving a global pandemic, as well as riots and floods in South Africa, all of which left millions destitute,” she says.

However, Rivasha explains that there are many positives that came from these negatives that we must acknowledge. “Covid-19 has definitely brought an awareness to why we as human beings thrive through connection, so love and appreciate the people in your life. The riots showed us how as South Africans we stand together to protect our communities.”

She encourages her peers to also focus on being a good person this year. “There are many that are still mourning the loss of loved ones. To those of us that have survived, we must pick up the pieces and walk bold into a world that will never be the same.”

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