SABC working on plan to be self-sustainable says CFO Yolande van Biljon


Yolande says the SABC plans to reach a point where it won't be dependent on government bailouts.

On Tuesday, the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) management briefed parliament’s finance watchdog Scopa on deviations and contracts, saying that it had a plan to deal with its cash flow problems. 

The public broadcaster has been struggling to generate revenue and has had to rely on the government for various bailouts over the years. 

SABC CFO Yolande van Biljon said that the broadcaster was working on a plan and would reach a point where it won’t be so dependent on bailouts. “This organisation certainly wishes to never have to ask for money again. We want to be self-sustainable and we’re putting measures in place to attend to this.”

In February, the government allocated R3.2 billion to SABC with the condition that the management would review the broadcasting sector policies to respond to advances in technology and evaluate opportunities for private-sector participation. 

SABC CEO Madoda Mxakwe said that the company was also looking at disposing of non-core assets like property to generate additional cash.

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