The top hobbies of wealthy South Africans


From golf and cycling to wine aficionados and art collectors, these are wealthy South Africans' hobbies.

AfrAsia Bank and New World Wealth conducted a survey of the top hobbies among the super-wealthy in South Africa. CFO South Africa took a look at how these compared to the top hobbies of the CFOs in our community. 

The New World Wealth list contained the following hobbies for the affluent:  

  1. Golf
  2. Art collecting
  3. Cycling and mountain biking
  4. Horses
  5. Surfing
  6. Yachting and sailing
  7. Tennis
  8. Collecting wine and wine-tasting
  9. Skiing (overseas)
  10. Collecting watches
  11. Sports betting
  12. Fishing and fly-fishing
  13. Bird watching
  14. Collecting classic cars
  15. Hunting

In various interviews, South African CFOs revealed what they like doing in their downtime. 

Till Streichert, Vodacom Group CFO (pictured); Matthias Vogt, Afrox CFO; Riaan Koppeschaar, Exxaro Resources CFO; and Johan Geel, GWK Group FD, all listed cycling among their downtime activities, making this a definite frontrunner in the CFO community, compared to third place in the New World Wealth list. 

Till, who finished 75th in the 2018 Cape Epic, said: 

“Sports in general teach you a couple of life skills, like honesty, humility and taking care of each other. Unless you are the world champion, there is always someone better than you. You learn how to work within your limits and then push them. You set yourself a target and push yourself to see how much you can achieve. Often, it is more than you think.” 

Read more about Till’s 2018 Cape Epic experience: Interview with Till Streichert, Vodacom Group CFO.  

While he too likes cycling, Matthias Vogt also enjoys the finer things in life, like reading and playing piano. 

Riaan Koppeschaar also plays a bit of golf here and there, while Philip Nottingham, Construction Chemicals CFO, enjoys cars. 

“I am also a bit of a car nut – convertibles in particular (Johannesburg has the best convertible weather in the world, in my view). I currently have a 2017 Ford Mustang Convertible, a 2008 Mercedes SLK55 AMG, a 2006 Honda S2000 (Supercharged) and a 2011 Backdraft AC Cobra replica.” 

Find out more about the downtime activities of some of South Africa’s leading CFOs here: 

Six leading CFOs share what they like to do in their downtime.

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