#WATCH Standard Bank CFO Simon Ridley `blown away` by CFO Awards


During his short keynote speech at the CFO Awards 2015, last year's CFO of the Year Simon Ridley (Standard Bank) didn't only give a glowing endorsement to CFO South Africa, but also listed the key aspects of a good CFO. Due to popular demand, we'll be introducing video clips of Simon's speech today - and other highlights of the awards ceremony at the magnificent Summer Place will follow.

"Having been lucky enough to be awarded the CFO of the Year award last year, suddenly I find a lot people asking me how I got to this award how I developed my career," Simon said, before listing the characteristics that make the difference as a CFO. "Above all is communication - on a CV I don't look at accounting qualification, I look at the English," the Group CFO said, adding that "making the complex look simple" is crucial.

Watch the whole speech here:

Besides representing shareholders, allocating resources, and being at the heart of the organisation, curiosity is also crucial, he said. "I still try and find out things today and learn stuff. It is important to always try to find out what is behind something. Lately, in my older age as a CFO, the one thing I have really found important is to try and bust the myths and see through the bull dust, but at the same time being the cheerleader for your business colleagues. That is incredibly important."

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Simon then offered a warm endorsement for CFO South Africa and the CFO Awards. "I think last year, the first year of this award, as a nominee, I was not sure about this whole thing. But as I really went through this process I was really quite blown away by the sheer professionalism of CFO South Africa. These guys are really good. They know what they are doing." He also praised the "eminence of the judging panel" and the quality of the candidates. "South Africa is renowned for a good Finance community. And this is the top of that good Finance community."

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