5 strange (and wonderful) accounting jobs


Here are five intriguing and non-traditional accounting jobs you might want to consider

Accounting as a profession may be dogged by staid stereotypes, but one thing is not disputed: everyone needs an accountant, no matter what industry they find themselves in. If you have an aptitude for the numbers and business, you can take your pick from any number of exciting and glamorous industries and follow a passion that goes beyond checks and balances. Here are five intriguing and non-traditional accounting jobs you might want to consider.


The pitch-side number-cruncher

If you, like a large proportion of the world’s population, have a passion for sport, you may want to consider using your accounting skills in a job dealing with a budgets and payroll for a professional sports team. Success in professional sports is strongly linked to proper financial management and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your work in the office is contributing to the team’s success on the field. Be warned: the competition for these plum positions is fierce, but the perks, such as premium tickets and the chance to interact with your sport heroes behind the scenes may well be worth it.


Agent A=O+L

The accountant in most mafia movies is frequently cast as the snitch, but in real life, the accounting professional can be a crime-fighting superhero. Agencies like the FBI and Interpol use accountants with requisite financial expertise to investigate fraud or business crimes like fraud and embezzlement. You might wear a suit for your job in financial services, but you’ll feel like a secret agent when you get suited up for this role.


The monetary muso

If you have to pick an accounting niche, the music industry, like sporting and technology firms, is looking to maximise value and be more creative with its revenue generation. It’s an opportune time to join the industry too, as it becomes ever more diverse and digital. Who knows, you may even be able to turn your kids’ party anthems into a fully fledged career.


The techie tinkerer

Every company is to some extent a tech company, but have you considered going to work for a tech startup with ambitions of becoming a unicorn? Tech companies are all about getting creative with their business models, with means factoring revenues and paying taxes will become increasingly complex. And the casual atmosphere and tricked-out work environment will make you wish you didn’t have to go home.


The financial fashionista

Fashion has never been more popular, thanks to reality TV and social media, but fashion designers relied on accountants to help them run the numbers side of their business. At the end of the day, a new collection has to make monetary sense to be considered successful and this is where you come in. Put on that black polo-neck and learn to talk Prada alongside accounting-speak.

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