Afrox CFO Matthias Vogt resigns to pursue other opportunities in Europe


Matthias, who joined Afrox from Germany, will be pursuing other opportunities within The Linde Group.

Afrox has announced the resignation of group financial director Matthias Vogt with effect from 31 March 2020. Matthias will be returning to Europe to pursue other opportunities within The Linde Group.

About his resignation, Matthias said that he is looking forward to moving back to Europe with his family and opening up another chapter in their lives. 

“Still, I will remain with Afrox for almost another half a year, and I must say that it makes me sad to leave Afrox, South Africa and all the people I got to know during this exciting time.” 

Matthias has been the group FD and an executive director of Afrox since 1 August 2017. 

In a statement, Afrox said that it would like to express its “sincere gratitude” to Matthias for his valuable contribution to the group over the course of his tenure, during which Afrox made significant progress and achieved a successful and sustainable turnaround. The company wished him well in his future endeavours.

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“During my time with Afrox, we have achieved a lot and turned around the company’s overall performance back to world-class levels,” Matthias said. “Afrox is well positioned for the future to take on further growth opportunities as and when they come.” 

Matthias was nominated for the 2019 CFO Awards for the work he has done as the CFO of Afrox. 

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He joined Afrox as the acting CFO in July 2015 and became the CFO in August 2017. He has been with Afrox’s parent company the Linde Group for nine years. There, he held various senior positions in Corporate Finance. Before his role as CFO, Matthias was responsible for the implementation of Global Shared Services throughout the group. He has a Diploma in Business and Administration from Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.

In an interview with CFO South Africa, Matthias commented on his role as FD, saying: 

“For me, aside from being a business partner to the CEO, I’m here to guide the entire organisation, to give direction and explain stakeholder expectations, as well as to create an understanding of the relationship between business performance and financial performance, and to communicate this all the time. I prefer a broad, leadership-based CFO role, with acumen across finance functions, and excellent commercial skills, as opposed to either being a financial CFO or an operational CFO. I don’t believe it’s about having  one or the other.”

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