Arno Daehnke nominated for the 2022 CFO Awards


The Standard Bank chief finance and value management officer has been nominated for the second time.

Arno Daehnke has been nominated for the 2022 CFO Awards for his work as the group FD of Standard Bank. He was previously nominated for the 2019 CFO Awards and won the 2019 Moving into Africa Award.

At the annual “Oscars for South African finance professionals”, which is now entering its eighth year, CFOs of listed companies, large corporations, state-owned entities and government institutions are recognised and rewarded for their outstanding performance and leadership.

Arno joined the group in 2001 as part of the bank’s CIB, global markets division. Before taking on the role of group financial director at Standard Bank in 2016, Arno headed up the banking group’s Treasury and Capital Management function from 2010.

In line with the changes to the group’s operating model, his role of FD changed to chief finance and value management officer in January 2021.

He has extensive experience in key financial aspects such as financial planning under varying macroeconomic scenarios, managing a complex banking group balance sheet in volatile financial markets and a deep understanding of both local and international bank regulatory frameworks.

Prior to joining Standard Bank, he was one of South Africa’s leading seismologists, using mathematical models to interrogate how shocks move through rocks.

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