Bradley Barr and Hugo Lambrechts, CA Global: looking for the complete CFO


Companies that operate in Africa are usually looking for accountants with broad experience in sectors like manufacturing and acquisitions to fulfil their CFO roles. “Those people are rare,” says Bradley Barr, founder and partner of recruitment firm CA Global. “We need candidates that have a complete background,” adds Hugo Lambrechts, who is in charge of executive search for the company.

On Monday Barr and Lambrechts met with Melle Eijckelhoff and Steffie Bosman of CFO South Africa, the leading networking platform for CFOs and finance professionals in South Africa. They spoke about the challenge of finding good finance professionals for businesses that venture into Africa. CA Global sets many expatriate professionals up for an African career, 23 percent of them South Africans. The full account of the interview will appear on this website in the following weeks.

CA Global is a headhunting company focused on Africa, with its headquarters in Cape Town. It incorporates many recruitment and staffing companies like CA Finance, CA Mining, CA Oil & Gas and CA Engineering. It has worked extensively within recruitment in Africa and has gained a specialist reputation within the region. CA Global operates in many African countries and has expertise in many sectors, ranging from mining, oil & gas, banking, finance, telecoms, IT, engineering, construction, power and energy to hospitality and tourism, executives, procurement and Management.

In the picture from left to right: Hugo Lambrechts, Bradley Barr (CA Global), Melle Eijckelhoff and Steffie Bosman (CFO SA).

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