CFO Andri Geel aims to take 2023 in stride


The GWK CFO says she’s ready to take on any challenges the new year may bring, including loadshedding.

Over the last three years, the world has been disrupted by change, and it became the only thing we were certain of. As a result, many people and businesses have had to be resilient in order to survive.

Now, as the new year rolls in, the world is ready to face any new changes that come with it, and GWK group FD Andri Geel is no exception. “This year includes quite a lot of changes for me, both from a business as well as a personal perspective,” she says. “I aim to take these in stride and look forward to new beginnings.”

She refers to Nelson Mandela, who once said that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. “This resonates with me with all the challenges and changes we, as leaders, must manage nowadays. My wish for every leader is to lead from the front during these uncertain times. Listen to people – make them appreciate your leadership.”

One of the biggest challenges leaders are faced with at the moment is the ongoing power crisis in South Africa. “Being in the agriculture industry, loadshedding has a significant impact – not only for those directly involved in the industry, but also for all consumers in terms of higher food prices and lower food security,” Andri says.

She explains that, through formal channels in the agriculture sector, the matter is receiving the utmost attention, and the sector is engaging with government and related bodies to mitigate the impact of loadshedding.

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