CFO Jordaan Burger unpacks Sage’s new sustainability and society strategy in AME


The new strategy will give individuals, SMEs and the planet the opportunity to thrive, he says.

In June 2021, Sage launched its Sustainability and Society Strategy, which outlined the company’s commitment to giving individuals, SMEs and our planet the opportunity to thrive. As the exco sponsor for this strategy in Sage’s Africa Middle East region, CFO Jordaan Burger explains that this needs to happen in three crucial ways:

  1. Tech for food: By tackling digital inequality for innovation, enterprise and progress.
  2. Fuel for business: By tackling economic inequality and supporting underrepresented groups.
  3. Protect the planet: By tackling the climate crisis and powering sustainable business models.

Aligned to this vision of helping small businesses thrive, Sage’s current initiative is focused on providing funding to these businesses. “Entrepreneurs need money to invest in their businesses. WIthout it, securing the supplies and equipment they need and tackling unexpected expenses can be difficult, if not impossible,” Jordaan explains.

He adds that the Sage Foundation has partnered with loan provider Kiva to “knock down barriers to economic inequality” as part of its Sustainability and Society Strategy. “We’ve enabled each and every Sage colleague to fund a small business of their choice through Kiva and a Sage Foundation sponsored credit of $50 (about R767.45).”

Jordaan says there will be more to follow as Sage picks up speed with its initiatives throughout the remainder of this year.

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