CFO Round Table: 'Transforming a day in the life of a CFO'


From left to right: Juan Mostert (Dell South and Central Africa), Grant Scrutton (Winhold), Ranga Mabgwe (Stewart Scott International Mafuri), Melle Eijckelhoff (CFO South Africa), Philip Nottingham (abe Construction Chemicals), Alain Ozan (Oracle), Craig Coltman (De Beers) and Sandeep Gandhi (Village Reef Gold Mining Company). Other participants were: Anbann Chetti (Nedbank Corporate Banking), Ian Graham (General Electric Oil & Gas & General Electric Southern Africa), Nichola Dewar (Postbank), Werner Barnard (Kraft Foods) and Pieter Bensch (Oracle).

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How do you deal with the lack of talent in the job market? Is IT a strategic or a maintenance issue? How to move away from using Excel-spreadsheets? How to be more proactive? Those were some of the issues discussed during a vibrant and open round table discussion by a group of South African CFOs in the Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg.

Hosted by computer technology corporation Oracle and organized by the fast-growing networking platform CFO SA, the discussion - titled 'Transforming a day in the life of a CFO' - focussed on the challenge to step back from the day-to-day demands and take a more strategic role as a finance and business leader. "It is encouraging to hear how CFOs of different business grapple with the same issues," was the feedback CFO SA's moderator Melle Eijckelhoff heard time and again from the CFOs at the end of the discussion.

Thursday's round table was followed by a CFO Café, attended by an impressive selection of finance professionals. The event was kicked off by Oracle's Alain Ozan, who gave a thought provoking presentation, followed by a meeting of minds during the networking part. In the following weeks a full account of the round table discussion will be published on this website.

CFO South Africa has rapidly become the leading CFO community in South Africa. The website connects finance professionals to share knowledge, exchange of interests and open up business opportunities. The round table in The Twelve Apostles Hotel was the third event of its kind and the second one in Cape Town. On Thursday CFP SA and Oracle will organize a similar event in The Saxon Boutique Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Oracle is an American computer technology corporation, specializing in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products - particularly its own brands of database management systems.

If you also want to be part of the leading South African CFO community or you want to know more about hosting a CFO event, you are most welcome to get in touch with CFO SA. Please contact Jurriën Morsch on [email protected] .

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