CFOs should be drivers of strategy, says Transnet's Garry Pita


“CFOs need to be drivers of strategy. We need to look beyond financial reporting and management accounts and actually get involved in driving our businesses. At Transnet, we feel that the CFO is the the strategic enabler of the business. We feel that those in the profession from both public and private sectors should work together to drive economic growth in the country,” said Transnet CFO Garry Pita.

Pita was speaking on the sidelines of the recent 2017 CFO Awards, where he picked up the Transformation & Empowerment honours for his work in enterprise and supplier development at the massive state-owned enterprise. Appointed Group CFO in February 2016, succeeding Anoj Singh, who was seconded to Eskom, Pita had served as the group chief supply chain officer and a general manager in charge of business services, where he was responsible for ICT and procurement. Garry has headed up IFRS conversion and group internal control and is tasked with overseeing all aspects of the company's financial strategy. The chartered accountant is passionate about harnessing the power of Transnet to impact Africa for the better

The charismatic executive added that CFOs who shared similar challenges should continue to come together to solve the country's pressing socio-economic issues and expressed his pride at being involved in the event.

Watch Pita share his thoughts at the CFO Awards below:

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