CFOs should strategise for growth in the long-term, says UJ's Ben Marx

“Strategy, strategy, strategy. In difficult economic times, it is critical that the CFO to manage, innovate and focus the company finances not only to survive short-term challenges, but to expand and grow in the long-term as well,” says the head of the University of Johannesburg’s accounting department, Professor Ben Marx.

Speaking on the sidelines of the CFO Awards 2017 in May, Marx said he was immensely proud to have been associated with the CFO Awards since day one and that he had gained many insights into the South African business environment from sitting on the judging panel over the past four years.

The esteemed academic felt it was important for CFOs to network, share knowledge and indulge in informal thought leadership, as well as to enjoy a laugh or two on a personal level.

Watch Marx share his thoughts on the CFO Awards below: