Coupa Software acknowledges CFOs’ work to transform and adapt at 2021 CFO Awards


David Hamilton says it's important for CFOs to keep up with the pace of change globally and regionally.

Coupa Software, a global technology platform for business spend management, will be sponsoring the Finance Transformation Award at this year’s CFO Awards.

“One of the reasons we love partnering with CFO South Africa is because it helps CFOs to transform, learn from each other, grow their businesses, connect and engage,” says David Hamilton, regional vice president of sales for the African continent at Coupa. “We have a common interest to help CFOs transform their businesses within the South African market.”

David explains that all organisations have to be transforming and changing on an ongoing basis. “Companies need to keep up with the pace of change from both a global and regional perspective. Our economies and socio-economic circumstances are changing all the time and CFOs need to be abreast of that.”

He adds that, as new technologies enter the market, disrupting different companies and the way things have been done in the past, companies have to evolve. “That’s where Coupa comes in, bringing leading edge technologies, thinking and innovation to our customers to provide them with the agility they need to move a lot quicker and to change with the changing environment.”

David says that the CFO Awards are a good way to acknowledge all the great work that’s been done by the CFOs and finance professionals in their different companies.

“We’re excited to be part of some of those transformations, by enabling the technology, seeing companies transform and be successful,” he concludes.

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