CTICC appoints Wayne de Wet as new CFO


The Cape Town International Convention Centre announced the appointment of new CFO, Wayne de Wet.

Wayne de Wet’s new appointment as CFO of Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), will make him responsible for developing and implementing their financial strategies, strategic leadership of finance and supply-chain management, and growth and resource management within the finance department, among other things. 

Julie-May Ellingson, chief executive at CTiCC, says she looks forward to working with Wayne in strengthening the CTICC:

“We are very pleased to have someone of Wayne’s calibre join our dynamic team. Wayne comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge having worked in the tourism and hospitality sectors, as well as several state entities and the private sector.”

Prior to his appointment at CTICC, Wayne served in various financial and management roles at Cape Town Tourism, Johannesburg Water, PwC, National Treasury, City of Cape Town, Rothmans International and Friedberg, Miller, and Gruft & Company

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He is a qualified chartered accountant with a Bachelor of Accounting Science degree and Honours in Accounting Science. 

Julie-May added: 

“He also comes at an exciting time in the development of the CTICC with the addition of CTICC 2 and we know that his expertise, experience and leadership will help steer the company in an even more positive direction.”

Wayne says that he moved to CTICC in search of a new challenge to grow and expand his experience. 

“Being in finance allows me to work across many sectors applying similar principles. So far, my experience in the hospitality sector allowed me to be more involved in the various areas of operations and not purely limited to finance.”

Wayne describes himself as results-driven, attentive to detail, empowering to people, analytic and able to make quick decisions when requires. 

“Understanding the environment, getting to know the culture inherent across the organisation and completing the year-end audit are amongst the first things I will look at. I gather as much information on the issue, then analyse and consult allowing me to make a decision using my experience and knowledge.”

He is married with two children and enjoys golf, social sports, skydiving, reading and travelling. He admires Albert Einstein and his parents are the biggest influence on his working life. 

“They always stood by me early on in my career and allowed me to carve out my own path with their full support.”

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