Discovery Health’s Brett Tromp hopes to have an impact in 2021


The CFO looks forward to giving people hope again and making others see the value of their health.

One of the things that became clear during 2020, especially for CFOs who have to do annual forecasts, is how little control we really have over the future. One of these CFOs is Discovery Health’s Brett Tromp, whose top takeaway from 2020 is that life is fragile.

“The things that really matter to you, like people, can be taken away quickly,” Brett says. “It taught me to focus more on what’s important in my life.”

These important things are his relationship with God and appreciating his family, friends and others. “Life is precious and I am nothing without God in my life,” he says, adding that one of the lessons he will be taking into 2021 is to keep God first and people next. “The rest follows when you have strong societal foundations.”

In 2021, Brett looks forward to giving people hope again and making others see the value of their health. He explains that encouraging people to have hope and health is his driving factor this year. “Working in the healthcare sector has never been more relevant. Our health matters. An African proverb says: ‘He who has health, has hope. He who has hope, has everything’.”

Brett hopes to positively affect everyone he comes into contact with through business and personally. “Covid-19 has amplified how short life is. I don’t want to waste any interactions. You may never get the chance again.”

He believes that if you make a difference in the lives of others you will, in turn, be positively affected. “For most, 2020 and possibly 2021 will be some of your toughest years ever. I deeply sympathise with you. But I want to share what’s helped me. Faith in God has given me a purpose and direction, the ability to trust something other than yourself.

“I see so much potential in the future. Never in the world has there been a better time to make a difference. People are dejected, businesses are strained, yet the world is ripe to make changes and reap a new crop," he says, adding that he believes businesses and people who stand up in these times will change the future of our world.

“Never give up hope. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen – I want to see you make things happen this year.”

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