FinTech Africa Blockchain event - the tech of the future is here!


What do YOU know about the blockchain? Probably not nearly enough. Join us on 25 February 2016 in Woodstock, Cape Town, for an in-depth session led by world-respected experts as we delve into the revolutionary topic of the blockchain.

Widely considered the biggest-ever disruption to the world of finance, the blockchain is a new technology pegged by experts as the next big thing; as big as the internet was when it first rocked the world back in the early 1990s. A technology which leading IT suppliers and financial institutions find daunting to say the least, and which is downright scary to many others, the blockchain has great potential to disrupt but also to bring immense prosperity. Those companies which fail to get onboard stand to lose a great deal.

So just how will the blockchain change finance and accounting, and why are so many financial institutions investing in this breakthrough technology? Join us at our upcoming event, where experts will help you grasp the full potential of this incredible technology, and where insiders, investors and startups will debate the developments and challenges for this tech in Africa.

The programme will include a keynote presentation by international speaker Martijn Aslander (above), and a panel discussion with experts including Brett Loubser, Head of WeChat Africa; Lorien Gamaroff (left), CEO and founder of Bankymoon; and an expert speaker from Barclays, still to be announced.

The FinTech Africa Blockchain event is supported by Barclays and Rise, the physical and virtual global community that facilitates collaboration and fintech innovation.

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