How CA Bonga Mriga found fullfilment in his role at Old Mutual


Passionate about empowering the youth, CA Bonga Mriga has found the ideal job to do this.

Bonga Mriga, head of investor relations at Old Mutual, says he has always had an unwavering desire to delve into the investment management sector.

As a young man, he embarked on his career with a determination to not merely break through barriers, but to redefine them. He shared that from a young age, he was always drawn to numbers, which led to his career choice.

CAs Leading Change Series

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When faced with the choice between a BCom and a business science degree for his undergraduate studies, he chose the latter, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a yearning for broader knowledge.

He says his mother's wise words, “a year is not that long,” affirmed his choice for business science. He explained that becoming the first accountant in his family became both an inspiration and a responsibility to promote formal education within his community.

Giving back

Bonga is passionate about uplifting others, especially when it comes to mentoring the youth.

“I mentor young trainees who are looking to qualify as CAs and serve in my community through different social structures."

He completed his articles at Old Mutual. “When the role of investor relations manager within the same company opened up, I judged that it presented a good opportunity for me to branch into a different field within the broader investments management space. It has lived up to and surpassed my expectations to this point,” he says.

A fulfilling role

He says the opportunity to work in an investment environment has given him an appreciation for technology, and believes there is a need to develop an appetite to embrace new technologies and not always lean towards waiting for them to be proven in other fields.

“Technology affords us the opportunity to make people’s lives better,” he says. “The world around us is changing. If we are so beholden to serving tomorrow’s customers in yesterday’s ways, we should not be shocked when we lose them.”

Bonga, who is an avid reader, says his newly found love for technology was inspired by Leda Glyptis’s recent book, Bankers Like Us.

Inspiring young leaders

His passion for young people has given him the opportunity to be included as part of the SAICA Top 35-under-35 competition for 2022.

For him, it was a defining moment. Selected from over 1,000 entrants, he sees it not just as a badge of honour, “but a call to elevate others and create paths for those with fewer opportunities.”

He advises the youth to give everything for their dreams.

“You do not want to live with endless regrets. Protect the people under your care at all costs. Learn to celebrate life and its milestones. Don’t let relief rob your soul of the energy that excitement feeds it."

He adds that in the face of adversity, youth should stand their ground and not allow themselves to be swayed by the glitz and glamour of “making it” away from their true values. “Pick the crowds you form part of. At the end of the day, those crowds pick the levels you reach in life,” he says.

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