KPMG suspends audit partner


The South African office of KPMG has suspended its lead audit-engagement partner, also relieving two others, while it awaits the results of its ongoing investigation into work it undertook for companies linked to the Guptas.

In a statement, Trevor Hoole (pictured), KPMG chief executive, said that all aspects of the work the firm did related to the Gupta group were being "robustly reviewed, including client acceptance, execution and the quality of the work". Where any problems or issues are found, those KPMG individuals responsible would be held accountable, Hoole said.

According to Bloomberg, the review is being led by an experienced senior partner from the KPMG network, while law firm Norton Rose Fulbright has been appointed as external legal counsel. Thus far, the legal firm has not uncovered any evidence of dishonesty on the part of the suspended partners, Hoole said.

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