“Let’s rebuild a better, stronger KwaZulu-Natal,” says Spar CFO Mark Godfrey


Mark explains that the Spar Group has been assisting communities of KZN in rebuilding after the floods.

As restoration efforts begin in KwaZulu-Natal after floods that have resulted in many people losing their homes and businesses, the Spar Group and its retailers have been assisting communities where most damage and disruption was recorded.

“Most importantly, we have been getting water into communities that have had water supplies disrupted for days,” says Spar CFO Mark Godfrey. “We have also made financial and food donations to support groups and rescue teams.”

He explains that Spar’s wholesale business didn’t experience any damage, but a number of the group’s staff have suffered incredible loss, either by losing loved ones, or property, or both. A number of the group’s retailers reported flood damage to their stores and most have been able to reopen within days without too much damage or loss. They too have indicated that the personal losses amongst their staff have been traumatic and devastating.

Mark adds that the biggest damage was the damage to road infrastructure, which has resulted in “round about” delivery routes to get stock into some stores and communities. However, because the damage wasn’t significant, Spar was able to remain operational throughout the period with disruptions in deliveries being temporary.

“The damage and destruction caused by the floods has been devastating for so many people, and is almost unbelievable to comprehend – not just financially, but through loss of life and personal tragedy,” Mark says.

“What started as a rain shower destroyed whole communities and left families destitute and grieving. To the people of KwaZulu-Natal, we share your pain at this time and while the storm clouds might have passed, we know the painful memories and grief are still very real. But time will heal and communities will comfort. Be strong and let’s rebuild a better, stronger KwaZulu-Natal."

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