Meet Nishlan Samujh (Investec), winner of the Compliance & Governance Award


For his diligent and forward-looking approach to risk and audit, Investec CFO Nishlan Samujh went home with the Compliance & Governance Award at this year’s CFO Awards, held on 11 May at Summer Place in Johannesburg.

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On handing out the award, Victor Sekese, CEO of SizweNtsalubaGobodo said:

“We believe that for organisations and companies to succeed it takes a good strategy but strategy is nothing if not overseen by governance; and not just box-ticking, governance from the heart.”

Nishlan is an accomplished finance professional who has been a loyal servant of the Investec group since joining them in 2000. A CA(SA), Nishlan made his way to the CFO role by working up through the ranks, serving initially as the group’s head of international finance before assuming the mantle of group CFO and becoming an executive director in 2016.

“I grew up as an accounting technician. I ran the IFRS project and right now run with the implementation of this. My role is to make sense of where we are and what our evolution looks like. My role has been to hold the picture and execute; ensure the evolution is executable,” Nishlan told the judges.

The annual 'Oscars for South African CFOs', recognise CFOs of listed companies, large corporations, state-owned entities and government institutions, and awards them for outstanding performance and leadership. Other winners included Till Streichert, Nishant Saxena, Ramasela Ganda, Garry Pita, Debbie Ransby, and Wayne Koonin.


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