Richard Knight: Achieving balance in the new year


The Smollan Data & Tech CFO hopes to create more balance in his and employees’ “wheel of life”, despite disruption.

For Smollan Data & Tech CFO Richard Knight, a healthy and all-rounder lifestyle is very important. In 2023, he intends to create more focus time in his diary on balancing his “wheel of life”.

Richard hopes to achieve the same balance at work, for him and his teams, but explains that loadshedding has had a big impact on the mental wellbeing of the company’s employees. “It has created frustrations across the workforce and is putting employee retention at risk as people consider options to emigrate,” he explains.

To mitigate the disruption this causes in the workplace, Richard has encouraged staff to plan their days and weeks. “They can utilise our premises across the country for work during loadshedding periods, which should hopefully help us build culture within the office again,” he adds.

Passionate about people, Richard urges South Africans to “remain resilient through the tough times that may come and remember to always be kind and lead by example”.

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