Robert Huddy has resigned as Tsogo Sun Gaming CFO with effect from 31 July 2020


Company secretary Graham Tyrrell has also tendered his resignation with effect from 1 March 2020.

Tsogo Sun Gaming has announced the resignation of its executive director and CFO Rob Huddy

Rob has agreed to stay on until 31 July 2020 for continuity purposes. 

About his resignation, he said: 

“I have not given the future too much thought as I will be here for some time yet and would like to take a little time for myself before embarking on one more career in a business I can make a difference in and be passionate about.” 

He said that, although he is looking forward to a new challenge, he will dearly miss the people he has worked so closely with for the past two decades, both within and outside the business. “It has been a tough but fulfilling journey and the team I worked with built an amazing business that I am very proud of,” he said. 

Rob has been the CFO of Tsogo Sun Gaming since its unbundling in June this year 2019. He previously served as Tsogo Sun Holdings Group since 30 September 2011 and its executive director since 31 October 2011. He joined Tsogo Sun in 1997 and has served as FD for Hotels Offshore in 2006 and FD for Hotels South Africa in 2009. He has been a non-executive director of International Hotel Properties since 26 October 2016. 

Robert served his articles at PwC and is a qualified CA (SA). He has a B.Com with honours in accounting. 

Along with Rob’s resignation, Tsogo Sun’s company secretary, Graham Tyrrell, has also resigned with effect from 1 March 2020.

In a statement, the group thanked Rob and Graham for their service over the years and wished them well for the future. 

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