SA executives paid top dollar


According to a recently released report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), CEOs of the top 10 JSE-listed companies take home an average pay of R24.6 million. CFOs, it said, earn around R13.8 million, and executive directors R7.7 million.

PwC released these figures as part of the ninth edition of its Executive Directors' Remuneration and Practices report, which reviewed the total guaranteed package (TGP) for executives paid during 2016.

The report also reviewed executive pay across sectors. It found that the median pay for chief executives of large-cap basic resources companies is R23 million, while the median for executive directors is R16.3 million. Moreover, the median pay for chief executives of large-cap companies in the financial services sector was R7.4 million, while that of executive directors was R4.3 million. The median pay of chief executives of large-cap industrial companies was R15.2 million, while that in services was at R8.1 million, it reported.

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