SA Tourism CEO Sisa Ntshona set to step down early


Sisa has requested to step down as CEO, four months before his contract comes to an end.

Sisa Ntshona has requested to step down as the CEO of South African Tourism and plans to vacate the position at the end of May, four months before his contract comes to an end.

Sisa said that the four and a half years at SA Tourism were a career highlight for him. “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at SA Tourism. I’ve met and worked with amazing people in an industry that contributes in so many ways to the financial wellbeing of South Africans and I’m proud to have played a part in the growth of the industry, notwithstanding the challenges we currently face through Covid-19.”

SA Tourism has accepted Sisa’s request, saying that he had previously indicated to the board that he will not be reapplying for the position.

“Sisa recently approached the board for an earlier exit as he had a new career opportunity that required him to start much sooner than anticipated,” said SA Tourism chairperson Siyabonga Dube. “The board discussed this and agreed to the request, and although it is sad to see him leave the organisation, we also appreciate Sisa’s honesty and transparency, and we wish him well in his future endeavours.”

The company said that the process to appoint a new CEO is currently underway.

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