Webinar to reveal how CFOs can use planning to their advantage during Covid-19


Workday's Tom Bogan: Planning is a fundamental part of the path forward for businesses.

On 22 September, CFO South Africa will be hosting a webinar in which Workday vice chairman and CEO of Adaptive Insights Tom Bogan will share helpful best practices from companies that have used planning to their extreme advantage during Covid-19.

“Change is the defining force in business today, and it’s a force that creates both challenges and opportunities,” says Tom. “Though for the 75 percent of finance executives who say their organisations aren’t equipped to meet it with the right mindset, talent and tools, change will present nothing but challenges.” 

He explains that planning is a fundamental part of the path forward for businesses. “That’s because planning is where strategy and execution meet. Without planning – and planning in a way that’s designed for the age of urgency – strategy and execution are disjointed.” 

Tom adds that one thing customers have been telling Workday time and again, is the importance of agility and resilience. “Even under more normal circumstances, agility is a defining characteristic of businesses that can better anticipate what’s coming, act quickly when faced with change, and more decisively respond to the demands of customers, market shifts, and competitive threats.” 

Now, he says agility has emerged as the essential defining attribute of organisations able to respond to this crisis and chart a new, resilient course for the future. “Put another way, organisations that operate with agility are better suited to get through this crisis.”

SA Taxi head of group financial planning and analysis Martine Burgess will also be speaking about the important role her department plays in the business’s overall success, the lessons learned when trying to build a planning tool from the ground up, and top tips of things to look out for when shopping for planning software that can take your business to the next level.

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