Ayanda Mafuleka takes up the role of CEO for FASSET


She has been appointed as CEO of the seta by the Minister of Higher Education.

Former African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation (AEMFC) CFO Ayanda Mafuleka has been appointed by Minister of Higher Education Naledi Pandor as the new CEO of the Financial Accounting Services Seta (FASSET) with effect from 1 January 2019. 

Asked how it feels going from a CFO to a CEO, Ayanda said: 

“I have been in the public sector for most of my 16-year career. So moving from CFO to CEO has not been big of an adjustment yet for me because the position is still in the public sector. As a CFO I reported to a CEO so I have a bit of an insight of what is expected of me as a CEO. I feel encouraged and humbled to be entrusted with such an important mandate and role that the seta I lead plays.”

However, being a seta CEO does come with its own set of challenges. Ayanda strongly believes that challenges are an opportunity for every leader to turn things around. “I am a newcomer in the seta or skills development but this does not deter me from tackling any challenges I will face as the CEO of Fasset,” she said. 

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The day she learnt of her appointment, the first thing she said to herself was that “this is not just a job but a social call to make a difference!” 

“I myself a beneficiary of Fasset and I qualified as a chartered accountant through some initiatives funded by FASSET. I am passionately looking forward in delivering on the NDP goals on education and a skilled workforce that will contribute to the economy. Personally nothing will be more gratifying than seeing more previously disadvantaged learners entering the finance and accounting sector known to a sector for the elite!”

Prior to serving as CFO of AEMFC, Ayanda was the CFO of the National Credit Regulator. She has worked in finance across a diverse range of departments in government including Transtel, the National Ports Authority, National Treasury, Department of Home Affairs and Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo. She has a B.Com Honours from UNISA. 

Ayanda is one of CFO South Africa’s valued members and intends to remain an active member even in her new role as CEO. 

“Being part of the CFO SA family has greatly empowered me and has prepared me for my move to CEO because I understood then when I was a CFO that I was not just a number cruncher but needed to be a visionary and a strategist! This has prepared me for my new role as a CEO.”

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