CFO Dzunani Makgopa is ready to address loadshedding this year


The Independent Power Producer will be playing a key role in helping to resolve the energy crisis.

Loadshedding has been front of mind for South Africans as we enter the new year, and the Independent Power Producer’s Office (IPPO) programmes have been earmarked as one of the key initiatives to resolve the energy crisis. As such, CFO Dzunani Makgopa plans to secure financial sustainability for the IPPO in preparation of its institutionalisation.

“Loadshedding has had a devastating impact on small businesses in South Africa, affecting production and increasing costs. Some business owners have already had to close shop and others warn that they are on the brink of having to do so as well,” Dzunani explains. “It’s estimated that loadshedding can cost South Africa over R4 billion a day, which is extremely devastating to the economy.”

She adds that, although the government has announced a few initiatives to resolve the issue to date, it’s clear that it will take years to resolve with Eskom’s grid capacity constraints playing a major role in future capacity expansions. “More than anything, the move to greener, renewable sources of energy by consumers will ultimately play a role in reducing emissions and ensuring the disbanding of the monopoly structure of energy production in South Africa.”

However, Dzunani quotes Dale Brown, saying:

“In life, adversity only visits the strong. It stays forever with the weak. We have to decide whether we’re going to be strong or weak.”

She explains that this is highly relevant given the current energy crisis we are trying to resolve. “It is critical to keep the end goal in mind and not be deterred by negative issues happening around us.”

Personally, Dzunani hopes to travel more this year. “Turning 30 has made me realise that life can easily pass you by and that each moment ought to be lived optimally,” she concludes.

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