GWK's Andri Bezuidenhout gets promoted to group FD


Andri looks forward to steering the group in this period of uncertainty and making use of opportunities.

Agriculture company GWK’s head of corporate finance Andri Bezuidenhout has been appointed as the group FD as of 1 June. 

“I am familiar with the group and have been with the group for almost eight years,” she says. “I am really looking forward to steering the group in this period of uncertainty and making use of opportunities as they arise during this period.” 

Andri says she has learned a lot from acting FD Johan Geel during his time with GWK. He has since rejoined Afgri, where he now serves as COO. 

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“My focus will still remain on operating an efficient and effective finance team and building a strong partnership with the CEO, other leaders and stakeholders,” Andri adds. 

She says that Covid-19 has brought unique challenges but that GWK was fortunate to be classified as an essential service and continue with its operations. “My immediate focus is still to look after my staff, to be more sensitive to what people are feeling and helping them through this time. Regular communication is critical to steer the team, ensuring that we meet all required deadlines and key deliverables.” 

For the next couple of months, Andri will be focusing on regular communication to GWK’s critical stakeholders to put them at ease during this period, simplify processes, assist the team to align the business and finance strategy to grow the business and ensure that IT as an enabler plays a more significant role in the execution of the various strategies of the business.

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