Pieter de Wit: It’s still possible to do business ethically and successfully


Despite the challenges that come with the current environment, Afrimat’s CFO remains optimistic.

Despite 2023 kicking off to a rocky start, with the prospect of continued loadshedding and tariff hikes posing a significant threat to many businesses across South Africa, Afrimat CFO Pieter de Wit remains optimistic for the new year. “Loadshedding is another reality that we need to manage and there are ways,” he reassures.

Pieter explains that while higher loadshedding levels and the tariff hikes have an impact on the mine’s production, they have generators in place to mitigate this and use the periods during loadshedding to do planned maintenance. “We also recently started with a solar energy strategy, which will not only help offset the effect of loadshedding but will reduce our environmental impact and drive awareness in our business.”

Pieter is also optimistic about what the new year has in store for him as a CFO. “I would like to continue contributing to Afrimat’s growth, execute new opportunities, and improve the mine’s data strategy and business processes,” he says.

He adds that he intends to focus more on the ESG policy of the business, including continuing with upliftment programmes in the local communities, internships and other job creation opportunities, as well as to drive ethical business practices. “South Africa remains a country with lots of opportunities and potential. It is still possible to do business ethically and be successful, even in the current environment.”

From a personal perspective, Pieter hopes to spend more quality time with his family and on his photography hobby.

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