South Africa’s CFOs show support for CFO East Africa launch


Arno Daehnke, Craig Sumption and Pushpender Singla share words of encouragement for CFO East Africa.

The CFO South Africa community is buzzing with excitement in anticipation of the launch of sister community CFO East Africa on 26 October. They share the sentiments of executives across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, who are looking forward to having a community of their own!

As a sister organisation of CFO South Africa, a community that has been growing from strength to strength over the past 12 years, CFO East Africa benefits from 12 years of experience and lessons learnt. The organisation is firmly rooted in East Africa though, based out of Nairobi with activities planned across the region.

“CFO South Africa has done a great job in bringing like-minded people together around various events, functions and dinners. It’s been a great way to connect and interact as a community and I’m very grateful for what CFO South Africa has done to make this happen,” says Hatch Africa CFO Craig Sumption.

He explains that it’s really great to see this carry over into East Africa. “A piece of advice for those in East Africa: embrace the launch of CFO East Africa, engage and participate. The more you put in, the more you get out of it.”

He adds that he looks forward to interacting with the East Africa community more in the future, as Hatch Africa operates across the continent.

Similarly, Standard Bank chief finance and value management officer Arno Daehnke says: “CFO South Africa has been a great support for us in terms of access to engaging content on a variety of platforms and networking opportunities within our finance community.”

“As an Africa-focused financial services organisation, we are delighted that our East African colleagues will have access to these resources,” he adds.

He explains that Standard Bank is becoming increasingly geographically diverse and East Africa is a strong contributor in its earnings mix. “I look forward to attending the launch soon!”

Also serving as the CFO for a company operating in Africa, Vedanta Resources’ Pushpender Singla says CFOs face unique financial and operational challenges in this dynamic region. “This community will provide a valuable platform for us to collaborate, share insights, and collectively navigate the intricacies of doing business in East Africa.

“Together, we can drive financial excellence, innovation, and contribute to the economic growth and development of this vibrant continent. I believe that our collective expertise will be a powerful force for positive change in the East African business landscape,” he adds.

“The need for a strong community of finance leaders has been apparent for a while now and I am super excited about the tremendous support from CFOs we have received,” says KC Rottok Chesaina, CFO East Africa co-founder and community manager. “Through everything we do, we aim to positively influence individuals’ lives and careers, inspire organisations and contribute to a better future for Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.”

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