Sygnia FD Michael Buckham resigns as of 31 December


Mike Buckham has resigned as FD of Sygnia to focus on family and personal opportunities.

Mike Buckham’s resignation from Sygnia will be effective from 31 December 2018. He will oversee the finalisation of the year-end audit, with allowance being made for a hand-over period. 

Mike told CFO South Africa that he has decided to take a break from corporate and the listed space to focus on family and personal opportunities in a less formal environment. 

“I have enjoyed my time at Sygnia and  have had exposure to a number of exciting initiatives and a very dynamic and high-performance environment. I currently do not have any immediate plans other than to assist with a number of family affairs and to explore opportunities with my current skill set. I am genuinely looking forward to a bit of a sabbatical while I consider my long-term career opportunities. I am told that a break is something you should grab with both hands if the opportunity arises and it can have an incredibly positive impact on a career.” 

Mike’s rise to the position of Sygnia CFO was an unexpected one. CFO South Africa detailed his ascent in a candid interview

In a press release, Sygnia said that Mike’s replacement will be announced “in due course”.

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