Bata South Africa appoints Saket Mohta as its new FD


Saket was attracted to Bata South Africa in part because of the brand’s legacy.

Bata South Africa has announced the appointment of Saket Mohta as its new FD.

“I was attracted to Bata, as a company, in part because of the legacy of the brand. It is highly inspiring to be part of an organisation whose core values are one of its biggest strengths. Also, the global network across continents creates the opportunity to diversify strategies to different market needs. This makes for a dynamic and interesting perspective,” comments Saket.

According to the footwear retailer company, Saket’s passion for shoes led him into the footwear industry, where he has trodden for more than 10 years, gaining experience in footwear retail companies like Adidas. “I am driven by the challenges and the unpredictable nature of the business environment. Every day is a fresh day with new learnings and possibilities to make a difference.”

Before joining Bata South Africa, Saket worked as Bata India’s financial controller and worked on global projects based out of Bata’s headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Bata South Africa community manager Michael Wyatt welcomed Saket and his family to South Africa and said that he looks forward to having him work closely with Benson Okumu, the current FD, to ensure a smooth transition and hand-over in his new role. With Saket’s assistance, Bata South Africa will focus on enhancing its manufacturing strategies to adapt to the changes in consumer shopping behaviour.

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