Calgro M3 FD Waldi Joubert appointed as the group’s Memorial Parks MD


Sayuri Naicker will be taking over from Waldi as the FD of Calgro M3 in March 2022.

Calgro M3’s Waldi Joubert (pictured) will relinquish his role as the financial director of the company from 28 February 2022.

Waldi, who has been serving as the FD since June 2015, will then assume the role of managing director of the Calgro M3’s Memorial Parks business.

The developer’s group financial manager, Sayuri Naicker, has been identified as the incumbent candidate to replace Waldi as the FD with effect from 1 March 2022.

Sayuri started her career at PwC in 2012, where she gained exposure to multinational listed companies in the construction, mining and alternate energy sectors. She has nine years’ experience in external audit and was involved in the Calgro M3 audit for the past two years.

Sayuri has a postgraduate diploma in accounting and obtained her professional registration with SAICA in 2015 as a chartered accountant.

Waldi will remain an executive member of the Calgro M3 board, and Sayuri will join the board when her appointment as FD comes into effect.

Calgro M3 thanked Waldi for his “dedication, hard work and commitment” to the company during the past six years as FD and for “continuing to provide mentorship and guidance” to Sayuri to “adequately prepare her for her new role”.

The company said that it is confident that Sayuri’s appointment will contribute positively to achieving the group’s future strategic initiatives.

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