CFOs and travel Special Feature part 4: Acer Africa FD Estelle Tait comes prepared


With so many companies having multinational or multi-provincial operations, it's unsurprising that "willingness to travel" is a headline job requirement for CFOs. Four finance executives who apply their strategic thinking to the business travel journey as much to the destination, shared their travel tips and tricks with Kate Ferreira.

Acer Africa financial director Estelle Tait’s travel tips are pragmatic and actionable.
Firstly, she agrees, “comfort is key”, and for her, this starts with comfortable clothing, including a warmer item for layering up “when the temperature in the aircraft drops” as it usually does overnight. There’s also comfort of the skin-deep kind: she recommends keeping your moisturiser to hand, so the dry cool circulating air doesn’t dry you out.
On the tech and content side, she is also a fan of noise-cancelling headphones, and of pre-downloading selected content, arguing that you’ll want to enjoy your own favourite movies and series, rather than relying on the airline’s choices. Estelle also takes along a fully-charged power bank, so she can extend the life of her devices.
Alternatively, she says, you can’t go wrong with a good book to read. 

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