Ellen Marais takes over from exiting RMB Holdings FD Herman Bosman


Ellen will relinquish her roles as company secretary and financial manager, and step in as FD from 1 December.

RMB Holdings has announced the appointment of Ellen Marais as its new executive financial director. On 1 December, Ellen will relinquish her positions as company secretary and financial manager, and step into the shoes of Herman Bosman (pictured), who will step down as CEO and FD.

Herman has also tendered his resignation as a CFO Awards judge, a position he’s held since 2019. “When I accept an appointment, I commit time and attention to it,” he said. “As I would like to spread my contribution across several organisations, stepping down from roles where I’ve added as much value as I can is necessary for me to add value to new and additional responsibilities elsewhere.”

Brian Roberts, the current CEO of RMH Property, will succeed Herman as CEO.

“Herman’s continuous forward-thinking and innovative solutions to complex corporate challenges, in a manner that empowered the management teams of the underlying portfolio companies, resulted in the creation of significant shareholder value,” the company’s board said in a statement.

The board thanked Herman for a “job well done” over the past eight years, and wished him every success in future endeavours.

Herman will remain on the board as a non-executive director, and will remain involved in the ongoing monetisation of RMH’s assets.

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