Finance in the family (Part 4): The Sappi Southern Africa CFO and the tax lecturer


Pramy and Kreesan Moodley graduated the same year at the same university, but only met years later.

These CFOs have ignored the theory that "opposites attract" in choosing their life partners and have opted for like-minded individuals who have made their own way in the field of finance. Together, these couples have grown as leaders, at home and in business.

Pramy and Kreesan Moodley both hail from a long line of accountants, and with their inherited passion for finance and numbers, there was little chance of them pursuing any other profession. 

Despite both graduating the same year at the same university, Pramy and Kreesan’s paths didn’t cross until years later when a mutual friend introduced them. At the time, they were based in different provinces, but managed to travel the 600km for a couple of dates. “We just clicked from day one and couldn’t imagine life without each other,” Pramy says “We had so much in common that it seemed natural to take it a step further and make it a lasting relationship.”

As the Sappi Southern Africa CFO, Pramy is responsible for managing the business amid the current Covid-19 crisis, with a focus on managing cash flow and working capital. “We are currently looking at opportunities to steer the Sappi ship to calmer waters,” she says.

As a tax lecturer, Kreesan is preparing the next batch of accountants for the corporate world through online learning. However, he explains that he has to manage the dual challenge of data accessibility and the impact of loadshedding on online learners. 

In the little free time they have, both Pramy and Kreesan enjoy spending time with family. “Having young children doesn’t give you much spare time, but the kids help me in the kitchen with baking and they love fishing,” Pramy says. “We have lots of outdoor adventures together.” 

When he’s not working or spending time with his family, Kreesan also likes to spend time on his treadmill. Pramy ensures that she maintains a healthy work-life balance.

Despite the obvious benefits of understanding the challenges they both experience at work, being a finance family has also helped Pramy and Kreesan budget and manage their finances carefully. 

Pramy and Kreesan expect their two sons, Kirushen (9) and Priyen (5), to follow in their footsteps, because accounting is definitely in their genes.

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