Masimong Group Holdings CFO Nakedi Ramaphakela steps down from role

Nakedi will be taking some time off after having been with the company for just over a year.

Nakedi Ramaphakela has stepped down from her role as Masimong Group Holdings CFO and executive director to take some time off. 

She joined Masimong in January 2019 from Royal Bafokeng Holdings (RBH). “I was at RBH for almost seven years and it felt like home,” she said at the time of her appointment. “I, however, need to build a diverse career with enough depth and varied exposure.” 

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Nakedi’s role at Masimong was not a pure finance role. She said it she had hands-on exposure to investment transactions and fund-raising, which she was indirectly exposed to in her role at RBH. The most interesting part about the role was getting to work with a “more entrepreneurial and experienced team”. 

Nakedi holds both CA(SA) and CFA qualifications and has extensive experience in finance, tax and investment management. She was nominated for the 2019 CFO Awards for her role at RBH.

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