MTN Group appoints Sugentharan Perumal as acting group CFO


Sugen will be taking over from Ralph Mupita, who has stepped into the role of MTN group CEO.

MTN Group has appointed Sugentharan (Sugen) Perumal as its acting group CFO following the appointment of former group CFO Ralph Mupita as group CEO and president. 

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Sugen has extensive financial and accounting experience. He has served as an external auditor of MTN Group and held various key executive and board positions within the group. He is currently acting CFO of MTN South Africa and previously held the CFO position at MTN Irancell

About the appointment, now group CEO Ralph Mupita said: 

“The board is confident in the wide-ranging experience and knowledge of MTN that Sugen brings to the role.” 

Ralph and Sugen have been working closely together within MTN’s finance departments. Sugen even received Ralph’s Awards on his behalf at the 2019 CFO Awards, as Ralph was unable to attend. 

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The MTN Group has also appointed former T-Systems MD Dineo Molefe as the CFO of MTN South Africa. 

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