Nkonki to sponsor 2017 Young CFO of the Year


“We are delighted to be associated with CFO SA. This forum provides a critical support mechanism for South African CFOs, where they can access best practice, share information with their peers and be showcased for their contributions,” says Mitesh Patel, Managing Director of Nkonki, a 100-percent black-owned audit and advisory firm and the sponsors of this year’s ‘Young CFO of the Year’ Award. We caught up with Mitesh for a quick chat.

"Nkonki is keen to play a role in recognising CFOs for the valuable work CFOs do in driving a sustainable economy in this country, and the awards provide a unique opportunity to do so."

What challenges await SA CFOs in 2017?
"As we know, South Africa continues to face a difficult economic climate and low growth expectations. Added to this are recent global policy changes which are affecting multinationals, and that will no doubt have an influence on their local operations. Then, of course, there is the current uncertain political landscape, not only in South Africa, but globally too. This is having a bearing on trading conditions. Most CFOs will probably agree that these are just some of the challenges they are dealing with currently."

How can Nkonki help?
"I believe that one of the things that sets Nkonki apart from our competitors is our resourceful approach to collaborating with clients. We co-develop solutions that genuinely address their burning issues. We call this 'Experiencing Ingenuity' - where we work side-by-side with our clients to ensure that not only are we building a much deeper understanding of their business continually, but also that what we do for has real bearing on them being able to deliver on business objectives."
"Apart from offering external audit services, Nkonki has a diversified range of advisory services, ranging from Tax through to Forensics, as well as Internal Audit & Risk Advisory Services, Integrated Reporting Services, Corporate Governance & Compliance Services and Consulting Services."

What is the value of the CFO Awards?
"In today's world, CFOs have a much more pivotal role to play than ever before. I think that to be recognised by these awards gives CFOs something to aspire to. The awards also serve as the ultimate acknowledgement of the hard work CFOs do in an increasingly tough environment. Also, without a doubt, the award winners provide much-needed role models to others."

What is the value of these awards for Nkonki?
"It's important that Nkonki is visible to this important community. These awards provide us with the opportunity to get to know more CFOs, and to develop a more detailed understanding of their needs and the issues keeping them awake at night. This in turn gives us the necessary insight to hone our services and solutions so that we truly do offer the value-add CFOs are looking for. Of course, it affords CFOs the chance to get to know us better too - to meet us first-hand - and therefore to 'Experience Ingenuity'."

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