Oracle celebrates finance leaders using technology to transform businesses at CFO Awards


Oracle will be sponsoring the Finance and Technology Award at the CFO Awards this year.

Oracle will be showing their commitment to excellence at this year’s CFO Awards, the “Oscars of South Africa’s finance profession”, through their sponsorship of the Finance and Technology Award

Technology offers us an almost unlimited range of opportunities to improve our business models, processes and overall value proposition. The winner of this award has invested in and unlocked technologies that have the power to transform the business and create new value. The winner has played a crucial role in crafting and executing a successful business-aligned IT strategy to help the business deliver value. 

Based on clear vision and plan, this CFO has strongly supported and financially enabled the implementation of systems with a proven impact on the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation. The winner is a steward for technology-driven change and develops and shares his or her knowledge and know-how of technology. 

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“Oracle acknowledges and celebrates organisations and finance leaders using technology to transform their business,” says Oracle South Africa managing director and technology lead Niral Patel. “Thus the Finance & Technology award recognizes finance innovation and the power of leveraging cloud and emerging technology.”

According to Oracle Applications South Africa country leader and SADC region cluster leader Derek Bose (pictured), every organisation has a finance team, but not every CFO has a finance professional on the team who is dedicated to transforming finance. 

“It takes a visionary finance professional to leverage the cloud and other emerging technologies to modernise finance. We would like to celebrate these heroes of finance with the Finance and Technology Award.” 

Derek says that, to Oracle, the winner should be someone with the vision to see the potential of tomorrow’s finance, today. 

“The recipient must be a CFO geared for growth; consequently they are a visionary who seizes new opportunities and technologies as they drive digital transformation in their organisation,” says Niral. 

Derek hopes that the winner continues to use innovative technology to transform finance operations and drive business growth in South Africa.

Niral believes that the winner must be able to continue being an agent for business-wide change and growth as they transform operations and drive finance innovation in the local market. 

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