Photographing Space founder Cory Schmitz to astonish at CFO Awards 2019


CFO Awards attendees will learn about humanity's beginnings in the cosmos from a leading astrophotographer.

Over 350 top CFOs, VIPs and business partners will be attending the CFO Awards, which recognises CFOs for outstanding performance and leadership, to enjoy networking, a scrumptious dinner and exceptional entertainment.

At the 2019 Awards, that entertainment will be delivered by astrophotographer Cory Schmitz who will be talking about how we fit into the universe:

"The stars we see in the night sky tell us a story from the past, a story about how our universe is constantly changing and evolving, and a story about where every molecule in our bodies came from.”

Cory is a co-founder of, co-owner of several telescopes and mounts, and, he says, too many cameras, and not enough hard drives. He is an American expat living in South Africa with his wife Tanja Schmitz.

An avid astrophotographer for timelapse, deep-space imaging, lunar, planetary, and star trail imagery, Cory is an all-around jack-of-most-trades for night-sky photography. He is also an internationally published and commissioned astrophotographer, and his photos have been used in multiple online and print publications.

He says: 

“Each of us is comprised of atoms whose journey began billions of years ago after a star exploded and went supernova, a massive explosion that spread its elements around the universe. Those elements that ended up as part of the planet Earth became us, along with every living thing on our planet. When we look at the stars, we look at our humble beginnings among the cosmos."

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