Prof Brandon Topham takes up his old seat at TeleMasters


Brandon Topham steps in as the company’s interim CFO until a permanent appointment is made.

TeleMasters Holdings has announced the appointment of Professor Brandon Topham as a director and interim CFO. Brandon takes over from retiring Wikus Roos until a permanent appointment into the CFO role is made.

Brandon isn’t new to the role, however, having served as CFO of the corporate communications provider from 2006 until 2017. He was appointed as executive financial director in March 2018, and stepped down in 2019 to become the divisional executive of investigations and enforcement at the Financial Conduct Authority.

He was responsible for the enforcement of financial sector law in South Africa until 2022, when he became the CEO of Kreston Forensics.

Brandon is also a former Member of Parliament and City Councillor, and has served on the Standing Committees of Finance, Appropriations and the Auditor General in the National Legislature.

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