PwC: Sponsoring the Compliance and Governance Award "seemed a natural choice"


PwC will be sponsoring the Compliance and Governance Award at this year's annual CFO Awards.

PwC will be showing their commitment to excellence at this year’s CFO Awards, the “Oscars of South Africa’s finance profession”, through their sponsorship of the Compliance & Governance Award

The award goes to the CFO who helps the business achieve its goals in an open, honest, ethical and principled way. Working in a globalised and complex business environment, he or she faces a complex assortment of new and sometimes challenging laws and regulations. The winner of the award has contributed heavily to building and implementing systems designed to detect and prevent compliance breaches. Last but not least, he or she is leading the development of a strong compliance culture and best practices that secure buy-in from executives, managers, employees, contractors and business partners all at levels. 

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PwC is involved with developments in corporate reporting such as the King Committee. Shirley Machaba, partner at PwC, said that the company is “leading the debate with regards to transparency, good governance and reporting”. 

She explained that this is why the Compliance and Governance Award “seemed a natural choice”. 

“I hope the person is principled, ethical and fair, willing to scrutinise all the facts without making a snap judgement,” Shirley said. 

“I hope that the winner takes the lead in setting the tone for corporate integrity.” 

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