RMB will be sponsoring the Strategy Execution Award at the annual CFO Awards


RMB celebrates the success of important decision makers in terms of strategy at CFO Awards.

RMB will be showing their commitment to excellence at this year’s CFO Awards, the “Oscars of South Africa’s finance profession”, through their sponsorship of the Strategy Execution Award.  

The winner of the Strategy Execution Award has dealt with serious and intense changes in the business environment. However, by responding timeously and with agility, the business successfully adapted to the new demands and challenges. The new business strategy has been implemented successfully. The CFO who wins this award has shown great steermanship in creating the right (financial) conditions to execute the new strategy. The CFO and his or her team contributed with valuable insights, analyses, the (re) allocation of assets and the alignment of the finance function with the new strategy. Moreover, the CFO has managed to keep the business financially healthy while staying agile and competitive. 

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RMB head of coverage John van Tubbergh said that the purpose of their sponsorship is to celebrate the success of their clients and specifically CFOs who are very important decision makers in terms of strategy conceptualisation and execution. 

“RMB has partnered with several CEO and CFOs (many of whom are CFO of the Year award nominees and/or winners) to help them conceptualise and successfully execute transformational transactions, therefore, this is why we chose to sponsor the Strategy Execution Award.” 

“As we know,” John said. “Strategy is only valuable when executed well.” 

John added that, over and above this specific award, RMB is of the view that the CFO of the Year awards ceremony is a well-organised event, which provides RMB with a valuable opportunity to interact with a good number of our client CFOs at the event. 

“We know that this award recognises the excellent work that the award winner has done, and would hope that the awards will enhance their personal standing and stature amongst his or her CFO peers,” John said. “Our focus is on using this award to show respect to our clients and be there to celebrate their success.” 

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