South African Jon Raby named New Zealand CFO of the year


ASB Bank's CFO was awarded the title at the Deloitte Top 200 Awards in New Zealand.

The Deloitte Top 200 Awards was held at Spark Arena in Auckland and celebrates business excellence and leadership across 10 award categories in that country. 

It was at this black-tie gala that ASB Bank’s Jon Raby was awarded the title of chief financial officer of the year, which, according to ASB chief executive Vittoria Shortt, is a testament to his leadership skills. 

In a press release Shortt congratulated Jon and said: 

“Jon is an accomplished leader and well-known for his highly commercial and strategic approach to balancing risk with reward. He actively champions talent development and rotation, and is passionate about innovation.

"Since joining ASB in 2012, he has earned respect from all stakeholders, and works tirelessly to help accelerate financial progress for all New Zealanders. This award is incredibly well deserved, and it really highlights the calibre of our team at ASB."

Upon his acceptance of the award Jon said: 

“This is a great honour and more than a little humbling when you work for a great New Zealand organisation like ASB and you’ve got over 4 800 team member coming to work every day, absolutely passionate about the bank’s purpose, which is accelerating financial progress for all New Zealanders. It’s the power of the collective that’s so much more than any individual effort, so I feel I need to share this award with each and every one of those 4 800 odd team members.” 

The South-African-born-and-raised CFO thanked Deloitte, and all the sponsors for the the opportunity to recognize New Zealand business performance and to have a category for CFOs. 

“I’ve been very fortunate to work with some exceptional executives at the bank over the last four to six years and they’ve been very gracious in listening to some of my perspectives and occasionally helping me execute on a few of them.” 

Jon grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, one of three children in a poor family, but he has spent more of his life in New Zealand and calls it home. 

Judge Jonathan Mason said that Jon is an integral part of the management team at ASB that has posted very strong absolute and relative results over the past five years. 

“Jon thoroughly understands ASB financials and is especially good at reviewing margin management which is the most important profit driver at banks.” 

The judges said he is highly respected by all the stakeholders he interacts with including investment banks, other lead team colleagues, board members, and multiple CEOs. 

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